Why Animals Are Better Than People!

As someone who has spent a good portion of my life not fitting in with others and not having friends to hang out with, I have become completely biased when it comes to saying that animals are better than people, although I have had other experiences to confirm this too!

This is a short and sweet blog with ten reasons as to why animals are better than people!

1. The obvious one is that they provide amazing company. Whether it’s a furry friend, a feathered friend or a scaly friend, they all provide us with the company that we need, especially when we don’t want to be around people!

2. They are always there for us. It doesn’t matter what has happened in our lives, our animal friends will always be there and love us no matter what!

3. They always find ways to cheer us up! Depending on the type of animal you own, every animal has its own unique way of making us laugh and feel good about life again!

4. They listen to us. Sure, they’re not sitting there taking notes as we cry over the tenth bad thing to happen that week, but I think most, if not all of us, can agree that sometimes we just want someone to listen instead of talking over us!

5. They are ALWAYS up for affection! Okay, maybe not always, depending on the type of animal and how cuddly your little pal is, but they’re up for it most of the time! Plus, in my opinion, I think kitty cuddles are WAY better than human cuddles.

6. They don’t judge! Every human has judged someone at some point, whether it was judging someone’s looks or their life choices, we will always be judgemental over something. It’s pretty much just human nature to be like this! Pets though, do not judge us. They don’t talk about us behind our back, they don’t call us unattractive and they certainly don’t tell all their friends that we make bad life choices. They don’t care what we look like or what we do!

7. Similar to number 3, they have their own ways of showing they care about us. A lot of people say that cats are selfish and uncaring, and of course cats are like toddlers at times, but I have a personal experience to tell! A few years ago my dad suffered a cardiac arrest and was in hospital for a week. During that time, my cat Tabitha would bring toys to my mam and I, which is a thing she never does. Perhaps this was her way of trying to comfort us as she knew something was off that week.

8. Relating to this point, pets know when something is up! Not just mentally, but physically. A lot of animals can smell illness and disease so animals can actually be our lifesavers!

9. They put up with us. A LOT. Have you ever cried into your pet’s fur and they’ve just sat there while you did it? Pets are extremely patient with us and are literally a shoulder for us to cry on when things go wrong in life!

10. They help us with our mental health! Of course humans can also do this, but again from personal experience, animals have helped me more with my mental health and my mental illnesses more than any human ever has. Plus, I don’t have to explain to my pets how I’m feeling and why I’m feeling that way. I don’t have to explain what anxiety is to Tabitha. All she has to do is lie with me and I’ll be okay.

So there we go! A short but sweet blog as to why I think animals are better than people! I hope this was an enjoyable read and I hope to see you next week when I delve into the world of loneliness as next week is Loneliness Awareness Week! Till then, goodbye!

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