Gratefulness, Mindfulness and The Universe!

For those who don’t know, I am a spiritual person. I understand that spirituality is not everyone’s cup of tea and of course that is fine! I would never shove my spirituality down anyone’s throat but I do like to discuss my beliefs with others who do care to listen, especially because spirituality also involves gratefulness and mindfulness which everyone should know about and take part in!

There is a common belief that spiritual people are nutters with a love for herbs, healing stones and tarot cards, but spiritual individuals are all different! I do love my herbal treatments but I also understand the importance of medicine created by scientists and prescribed by doctors and I do use some medication and get all my vaccines 🙂

So, starting off with mindfulness. Mindfulness isn’t just related to spirituality as it can also help some people physically and mentally especially if they have a physical or mental health problem. Of course this doesn’t work for everyone, or maybe one mindfulness practice works better than other mindfulness activities.

Please note that when I say that mindfulness activities can help some people with mental or physical health problems, this is NOT me saying it is a cure. It is simply something that I have personally found useful myself and I know it can help some people, but of course not everyone.

Here are some mindfulness activities!


-Deep breathing


-Creating a glitter bottle with a small plastic bottle, a little bit of dish soap, water and plenty of glitter!

-Listening to a podcast, music or relaxing sounds such as ‘ASMR forest noises’


-Walking or just being outside



-Journal writing

Now let’s talk a little bit about gratefulness! Gratefulness can come in a variety of different forms! It can be small things we are grateful for or it can be larger things we are grateful for. Here are some examples of what we could be grateful for 🙂

Our favourite food, having a bath or a shower, having a good sleep, fresh air, our bed, our favourite weather, music, our favourite shows and favourite characters, gifts, comforts such as teddy bears and blankets, our favourite food and drinks, our home, education or our job, our family, our friends, our partner/s, financial stability, health care, religion and spirituality, good health, people fighting for rights, clean water, transportation, gas, electricity, animal meat and animal products, holidays, our senses, events that happen in our lives.

Now, moving onto The Universe and spirituality. Again this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has changed me for the better and I would be grateful if you read through this 🙂

The Universe is all about gratefulness and mindfulness as well as finding the meaning in things and seeing that some things happen for a reason, learning to let go and move on from situations, connecting to the world and understanding that the universe may not always provide you with what you want but providing you with what you need. The Universe speaks to those who are listening to it.

Here are the 12 laws of The Universe 🙂

The law of Divine Oneness is all about being connected through various factors such as love and creation. We are all creative in our own ways and we all love in our own ways and this means that we all can have an impact either small or big and these impacts matter and make a difference to not just ourselves but others around us. With this, we need to discover what we are best at and what we can make an impact with and find ways to make that impact happen.

The Law of Vibration is all about finding out what we want and making sure we get it. The next two laws also relate to this law. The Law of Inspired Action and The Law of Attraction. The Law of Inspired Action is all about taking action in order to get what you want and need, whether this takes you out of your comfort zone or not, and in fact doing things out of your comfort zone can possibly help you reach these goals quicker! The Law of Attraction is all about your self-worth and your mindset towards getting what you want. By viewing things in a positive light, you will see things less negatively. (To add, this is not to say that those with mental health problems or physical health problems should just ‘think positively’ and they won’t struggle anymore. This is just a mindset that is good to have in general.)

The Law of Correspondence is all about life’s patterns and the way we live our lives. Even though we may not see it we all have a particular pattern in our lives whether this is a particular way of getting organised in the morning or the way we work or study. Another thing we don’t recognise is that these patterns either help us or have negative impacts that we may or may not realise. These patterns may be beneficial to our lives but some may actually be making us miserable which is why it’s important to change things up a little.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy is all about how we can have a huge impact on the world and the people around us with big and small actions. We can be involved in anything good or anything bad. It’s important to choose which path we are going to take, but of course it would be much better for us and others if we chose the ‘good’ path and took actions towards how we are going to have a positive impact on ourselves, others and the world.

The Law of Cause and Effect is all about good and bad karma. Our actions and decisions are so important. By saying and doing things that are immoral or just not very nice, it is quite possible that we will receive bad karma, but by being kind and charitable, we will receive good karma and we will receive good opportunities. However this isn’t always the case, and unfortunately bad people can receive good karma and good people can receive bad karma, however it is still important to be the best person you can be. This law relates to the next law, The Law of Compensation. The Law of Compensation is essentially working hard and getting good rewards in the process. It also means that by spreading love, joy, kindness etc, we will receive it back. By being a good person, you will get good back.

The Law of Giving and Receiving relates to the last law and it is what it says. Giving and receiving. Giving is a part of socialisation as well as spreading kindness and producing gratitude, however we have to make sure that we are getting something back. That isn’t to say that nothing should come from the goodness of your own heart and only from a place of greed where you constantly expect something back, as it is important that we are selfless people who do things for the sake of generosity, however we have to also take care of ourselves and make sure that we aren’t putting ourselves out too much for people who never want to take care of us and be generous towards us.

The Law of Polarity is about us existing as a whole, existing as part of the Universe. We are one with the sky, the stars, the sun, the moon, the grass, the trees and its leaves, we exist in everything around us. With this, we learn who we are, what we like, what we don’t like, we see understanding in what is right and wrong and we learn confidence and self-esteem as well as going through experiences, good and bad, that teach us, even if the experience was based on a mistake.

The Law of Relativity means that we are the ones who give a meaning to things whether good or bad. We all have our different varying views and opinions, all different from each other’s. This relates to morals and ethics and how some people become bad people such as murderers etc as well as religion and politics. These things are what hugely shape humanity as a whole and has caused the most arguments, fights and wars as well as sadly, deaths.

The Law of Perpetual Motion represents change. Everything is always changing, good or bad. We have to embrace these changes and find ways of embracing them in positive ways.

So there we go, a blog all about my belief and what comes along with it! I really hope you enjoyed this blog, I would never shove my belief in people’s faces but I do love to teach people out my beliefs if they are okay with listening, so if you read all of even just part of this, thank you so much!

I will see you soon for the next blog! 🙂

A few things that I have written in my journal.

I have struggled with mental health problems for as long as I can remember but my mental health problems really kicked off in year 7.

I have struggled with OCD as well as suffering with anxiety and battling depression. I started a journal and I have been wanting to discuss what is in my journal for ages but never found the courage to do so. Today, I have found that courage and I would like to present different thoughts that I have written in my journal alongside some of the struggles that I have faced with my mental health problems.

I am too broken to be loved.’ Who knows what got me thinking like this, but my guess is the time my ex cheated on me as well as at the time feeling very jealous of everybody else’s relationships. I have been open about this for a while. I used to feel extreme jealously over other’s friendships and relationships, particularly because I never had any of those things. Sure I had online friends but never any physical friends since I left school. Even when I was at school I still felt left out most of the time.

I felt so lonely, so unworthy of love and affection and felt angry every time I saw a photo of someone hanging out with their friends or expressing love for their partner. I am ashamed thinking back on how I felt over something so silly, but this is how the mind can work.

‘Life is so boring. I don’t feel much joy in life right now. I wish I had a friend to hang out with.’ Regarding not having friends, I spent all of my time alone and doing things alone. I never had a person who I could message and say ‘Last night was awesome! Let’s do it again sometime!’ I never had a friend who I could physically go to places with and so life grew very boring for me at times. Hearing groups of friends at school plan their weekend together felt like someone was crushing my heart in an iron maiden. I felt physical pain. I hated it so much and I believed that something was wrong with me because nobody seemed to want to hang out with me.

‘I feel like I annoy people.’ I bet most of us have felt like this at some point and honestly it’s nothing to feel ashamed of. We can feel annoying for different reasons, whether it’s because we feel we talk too much, perhaps we feel we talk too much about our interests, maybe we annoy people just by simply being. We have all felt annoying to someone at some point and it can truly be a pain in the ass to fight.

‘Everything is my fault and I deserve nothing good.’ Another thought with no particular reason and I bet others have felt this way before too. It’s just one of those thoughts that appear when you have mental health problems, but of course these thoughts are not true!

I am not good enough. I am a burden and people are better off without me. I am very easy to replace.’ This was a very common thought for me. These were the worst thoughts as you can imagine and were incredibly hard for me to fight against and ignore and at times they almost got the better of me.

I feel like my work is bad.’ I sometimes still have this thought as well as many, many other people do. It’s common to feel like your work is rubbish, especially if you place your worth and your work’s worth on likes and views. I have learned that if at least one person is there for your work, it is worth it. If you feel like nobody is, then you are the next person to make it worth it. Do you enjoy it? Good.

‘I want to run away.’ I remember the way I felt when I wrote this, and honestly I didn’t actually want to run away, I just wanted to go somewhere. I never went anywhere exciting and spent most of my time in my bedroom, so of course I’d want to pack up and just go somewhere!

‘I am not okay. I am exhausted, I’m struggling with sleep and I just feel so down. Nothing feels good anymore and I can’t keep pretending that I am happy.’ There’s not much to actually say about this! It is what it is! I was in some bad places back then.

‘I am tired. Everyone else seems to be doing well in life. They have friends, a partner, a job. I have none of those things. I don’t want to keep feeling unsuccessful.’ Oh boy this was another very common thought. I didn’t have any of those things and it was making me feel really down on myself as a person and on life itself. I hated seeing people successful and at the same time, I felt like the worst person on Earth for feeling that way. While I am ashamed to admit that I felt this way, I am also confident in speaking about these thoughts because this is mental illness. This is how some of us can feel and we should be able to talk about these deep, dark thoughts whether we receive judgement or not, because this is how to talk about mental illness.

This was a short and sweet blog on just a few of the things I have written in my journal. Granted, there are some much darker thoughts in there that I may never speak of, at least for a very long time, but like I say these things need to be talked about. Not just to speak out about mental health problems and the possible thoughts that can occur with them, but to let others know that they are not alone in thinking these things and that shame should not be one of the emotions you feel regarding these thoughts.

At this moment, I am barely having any negative thoughts. I now have friends as well as an amazing job. I may not have a boyfriend and to be honest I’m unsure if I even do want one. If you have seen my Twitter or Instagram you will know I have a love for punk and rock guys so who knows, maybe one day I will find a lovely boyfriend! For now, I am learning to love life as it comes and focus on what is the most important which is working hard, writing hard, loving those around me and rocking out to some badass songs.