A Heartfelt Gift.

“Melvin that is beautiful!” Ava exclaimed as her eyes lit up almost as bright as the Christmas tree that was standing tall and proud in Melvin’s living room.
“Yeah you’ve done a really good job of it Melv, well done.” Jessica calmly added.
Melvin grinned like an excited child at both of his best friends. “Thanks guys!”
As the trio chatted away inside the warm home, a shadow lurked in the darkness outside, their brown eyes spying into the decorated window as they squeezed one of their fists tightly in a bout of jealousy and a pinch of anger.
“Soooo what do we do now!?” Ava almost jumped in happiness as she clapped her hands together.
“We could watch a Christmas movie?” Suggested Melvin.
Ava gasped, “Yes! Pleeease can we watch a romcom this year!?” She shouted as she quickly jumped onto the brown leather sofa in anticipation.
Melvin and Jessica shared a look that they were both familiar with. An expression they used every time Ava, the hopeless romantic, uttered the words ‘romcom’.
Melvin shrugged and stifled a laugh at Jessica’s sigh. “Well, if it makes her happy.”
Heavy footsteps echoed into the air as the figure marched through the darkness, eyes on its prey.
Rolling her eyes playfully, Jessica made her way over to Ava and sat next to her on the sofa, laughing as Ava bounced up and down, almost buzzing with excitement.
“I’ll go grab some snacks guys!” Melvin shouted as he began heading towards the kitchen, however was stopped by the music of the doorbell.
His body quickly turned back into the living room as if he was pulled by someone, “Oh, on second thoughts I’ll just go and sort this out. Not sure who it is at this time though!” He declared as he rushed over to the front door, opening it almost cautiously.
Nobody was there.
For a moment, Melvin stayed confused as he squinted into the darkness, looking for any sign of a person, but nothing.
“Who is it?” Jessica yelled.
“Not sure! There’s no one here!” Melvin shouted back. Then something caught his eye.
A box, specifically an almost crudely wrapped present, save for the fact that the red wrapping paper folds were semi-decent, on the garden steps.
“What the hell?” Melvin whispered as he leaned forward and grabbed the gift, unwrapping it out of curiosity and opening the white shoe box.
Inside was a gift tag with scribbled writing and an item that was wrapped in red, delicate paper.
The gift tag read;
‘From your secret admirer and best friend.’
“Awwww.” Melvin smiled, until he peeled apart the red paper.
His smile dropped as his eyes widened, hands shaking as he struggled to keep hold of the box.
“Melvin? You okay?” Ava called out.
He couldn’t answer back. He was paralysed. His whole body frozen in fear as he stared at the bloody heart in front of him.

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