Writer Interview- @ReadingAlNight

Professional questions:

1. Tell me about you and your work!
My name is Ellie, and I have many different hobbies, none of which I am a master at, but I get by! I am what I would call a Jack of all trades, but most people just call me sarcastic. I am, front and foremost, a reader, which morphed into calling myself ‘a person who writes’. This was recently shortened to my calling myself a writer. I created my blog, Reading All Night, in January of 2021. I was just getting back into writing after a long break, and I have always struggled to write full novel-length stories. I always get to the point too quickly, and the story is simply over. So I decided to give short stories a go, and I wanted somewhere to post them. On top of that, I wanted to have a place to just be myself, to review the books that I love, and to talk about movies, or simply to just ramble. If you have ever been curious about what the inside of my mind looks like, you just have to read about five different kinds of my posts, and then you’ll have a pretty good idea of the chaos.

2. What do you enjoy most about your work?
Reading All Night is somewhere I just chat. I talk about the things that people in real life would grow bored of hearing. Very few people want to hear your in-depth thoughts of a movie or book, or to hear what your opinions are on whether a paperback or an e-reader is best. On my blog, though, I can find that group of people who do want to hear about that stuff, who don’t simply want to hear ‘it was a good book’, but to know the how, and the why. Something I really enjoy is the interaction it can bring. As of when I’m writing this, I recently published a short story on my blog, and I had several different people contact me, whether commenting on the blog post, or on my tweet about it, telling me that they had really enjoyed reading it. Other than from my Mum, this was one of the first times I had ever had anyone tell me that they liked my writing, and liked reading what I had written. This did make me incredibly happy, and gave me a bit of a confidence boost with regards to my writing. I think the community my blog has brought me is something I am most pleased about. There are so many great people on Twitter, in particular, who I never would have met if I hadn’t started my blog.

3. How have you gained an audience over time?
I will admit, and I’m sure it is the same for most of the people who have a blog or a website, but I love looking at my page reads and watching as they slowly go up. My blog is not a massive success, it doesn’t have millions of views, in fact, as I’m writing this, I am less than 100 views away from 10,000 all time, and I am impatiently waiting for that number. It was something I hoped to reach by the end of the year, and, with a month left to go, I am so happy I am nearly there. I do not promote my blog on any social media other than Twitter, and it was certainly a slow start. I had a lot of help from other people in the Writing Community, and without them, I would be nowhere near where I am today. There are certainly plenty of lovely people on Twitter, and I am so grateful to have met them. Over the course of the year, I have been rather on and off with tweeting about my blog. I will always tweet when I have a new post out (every Wednesday and Saturday, most weeks, anyway!) but I have also scheduled tweets before, to promote older posts. These have always been helpful in boosting views and letting more people see my posts, but it is rare I remember to schedule any tweets, and I can never quite be bothered to do so! I think the most important thing, to me, has been Twitter, and all of the other people on there. Finding your audience isn’t something you can do all by yourself – it is a community effort, and, in return, you become a part of the community, and help others to find their audiences as well.

4. How do you work? Silence or music? Do you work alongside a hot drink and a handful of snacks?
A hot drink, definitely! It only depends on whether I am writing blog posts in the day or late at night that determines if I am drinking coffee (strong, no milk, no sugar) or hot chocolate. Sometimes I’ll have snacks too, but generally I get too distracted by the act of reaching for food and bringing it to my mouth to actually finish a blog post. When I used to write, I would create a music playlist for each story, and I would listen to it as I wrote, but when I got back into writing early this year, I found this was almost impossible for me to do. I end up listening to the music rather than writing, and the words end up distracting me. Silence is the way to go, but, on the other end of it, too quiet and I get distracted by my own thoughts. The best medium, for me, is sitting in my bedroom, with the background noise of other people in the house, doing their own things, and maybe the washing machine on, just for a constant noise I can tune out, but am also aware of… it’s an odd mixture. You can’t beat a dog lying at your feet, either, but my dogs generally do not like staying in my room if anything else is going on in the house, so they might come in and lie down, and I’ll close the door, but as soon as anything happens, I have to get back up and open the door again!

5. Link any of your socials and your work for others to check out!
You can find my blog, Reading All Night, here:

And my Twitter is here (it wouldn’t let me have ‘ReadingAllNight’ as my @, someone must have got there before me. So I dropped an L, and am @ReadingAlNight): https://twitter.com/ReadingAlNight

If you want to check out my different kinds of posts on my blog, I have them all categorised along the right-hand side (computer webpage only, it doesn’t work on the phone version for some reason).

Fun questions:

1. What’s your favourite season and why?
This is a bit of a difficult question because I am a difficult person. Every year, my favourite season changes three times. In the Spring, I am desperate for heat, so I say that Summer is my favourite. By Summer, though, I am too hot, and fed up with the heat, so I say that Winter is my favourite. By Autumn, I am still of the mindset that Winter is amazing, but by Winter, I am desperate for heat again, so Summer becomes my favourite again. It is a confusing system and one that even I do not properly understand. I have always said that it is easier to warm up than it is to cool down, so I prefer the colder months on a technicality. Just not when it actually is winter. I am a jeans and jumper type of person, so Summer is too hot for me, and winter too cold. To come to a conclusion, I think Autumn might be my favourite. It has pretty coloured trees, not everything quite looks dead yet, and it is perfect for evenings with hot drinks, fluffy blankets, and books. I do prefer it after the clocks have changed and evenings are dark, though, because of the wintery atmosphere. Basically, I am a confused person when it comes to seasons.

2. If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, what would it be?
The boring answer is a dragon. My answer is a dragon. I am of the firm belief that some kids films are perfectly acceptable for an adult to watch by themselves, and How To Train Your Dragon is one that I love. Actually, I prefer How To Train Your Dragon 2 over the first one, but still, they’re both good (I haven’t watched the newest one). I love the idea of a large, dangerous creature, that really just wants cuddles. Imagine the adventures you could go on! Pack the bare minimum, and set off on your dragon, to far away places, having magnificent campfires every night, because the dragon obviously can breathe fire, and going to sleep knowing you are perfectly safe, because your dragon is a wonderful protector, and friend, and will let you know if anything’s happening. And if it is? Just hop on the dragon, and the pair of you can head off somewhere else. Also, in How To Train Your Dragon, Toothless is a goofy dragon, and I think a goofy dragon plus me would equal chaos and fun.

3. Would you rather have your own boat/ship or your own aeroplane?
This is a difficult one, as well, because I have never been on an aeroplane. I know, it’s a shocker! In fact, the only passport I have is from when I was about 6 months old, and it was never actually used. I live in England, and have been to Wales and Scotland. Both are accessible by car. That being said, I have been on boats before, by which I mean I’ve been on several ferries. I have a fear of drowning, though… If I could have a boat, that would be practically guaranteed never to sink and cause my death, I would pick that. But I couldn’t have one too big, or too small. A nice medium-sized boat, that I could live on and go around the world on. Like Pacey’s boat in Dawson’s Creek. I’d have that.

4. What are your current favourite shows?
I watch so many shows, the issue is, I’ll watch something for a season or two, get bored, and start something else. This leads to many half-watched shows. Current favourite suggests these shows should be ones I am currently watching, but I am going to just go with all-time favourite instead, as shows tend to stay will me for a long time, and they become a big part of my life. I think my top all-time favourite show would have to be Supernatural. I am not one of those fans who can look at a screenshot and tell you what season and episode it is, or what the episode was called, I have not actually finished watching it yet, so no spoilers. I’m currently on season 14. Another show would be Teen Wolf, although I haven’t rewatched that in ages. Everyone seems to be obsessed with Squid Game right now, and for ages I was one of those people who hadn’t seen it. I have now watched it, and it was good, but it wasn’t ‘all-time favourite’ good. Maybe I just connect better with shows about the paranormal. On the total opposite side, though, perhaps the show about the most boring thing ever, that has to be on the ‘top favourites’ list, is The Office. The US version… am I a traitor to England if I’ve never seen the UK version?

5. What’s your thoughts and feelings on vampires!?
First off, knowing you, this is a great question, and I have already given you this opinion on the question! I have not watched nearly as many things including vampires as you have, so my opinion may be swayed a little, due to the media I have actually consumed. In Supernatural, a vampire is generally something I wouldn’t want to find myself near. Especially one that hadn’t fed in a while. My first impression of vampires was probably Twilight, and although I was obsessed when I was about 11, I have since grown a distaste for any mention of it. Also, I think the werewolves in Twilight are actually shapeshifters, and the vampires are probably fae or something, but are certainly not vampires. Please don’t start a debate if you love Twilight, I am not looking to get into big debates over it. I just don’t like it. I’m also not team Edward or Jacob, because I don’t like either of them. I think my overall opinions aren’t quite as valid, as I have only really watched things where the vampire is the bad guy. The Vampire Diaries is one of those shows I got halfway through and never finished, and Damon was alright (I didn’t like Stefan), but that was mainly because of him, and the fact that he was sarcastic, and kind of evil, but also not. I have read The Mortal Instruments, and there are vampires in that, and they are alright… it was more of a thing as to whether I liked the character or not, rather than whether vampirism changed them. I started reading a series (I only have book 1, though) called The Immortal Descendants, and there is a vampire in that. He is a good guy, just a little more aggressive as a vampire, and he was one of my favourite characters. I think it depends on how the vampire is portrayed. It’s almost like Captain America, in a way… the serum enhances what is already there. With vampires, though, it’s more like it takes away a little of the goodness, and adds a little bad. So, if there was tons of good and no bad as a human, that’s an alright vampire. If it was a bad human… stay away! I wouldn’t want to be a vampire, though, and I wouldn’t want to date one. Mostly because of the whole immortality thing, I think it would catch up with us sooner or later!

Thank you for taking part in this interview!

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