Writer interview- @emalcom508

  1. Hello! Thanks for taking part in this interview. Now, tell us a little bit about you and your work!

Hello! My name is Erin and I write mostly magical realism. I really love blending fantasy with reality and right now I’m even working on something a little autobiographical. My main focus is a book I finished a couple years ago called “Fays,” but it is rather huge and dense, so I’m still in the process of editing it. I also write a monthly blog where I watch movies from my childhood and analyze them from a trans perspective.

2. Before we get into everything else, do you have anything published? If yes, you can add links to your work and your socials in question ten!

Nope, nothing published yet. Just the blog and a podcast called “Sexdentified” (I can’t listen to it anymore because I’m pretransition on there, but I am proud of my work on there).

3. Why did you start writing and how did you start writing?

I’ve always loved writing, and before that I loved stories. I did not speak until I was about 5 or 6, but even then I remember being obsessed with movies. “Robot” was my first word as I pointed to R2-D2. I couldn’t yet talk, but I still remember knowing without a doubt that I wanted to make stories, I wanted to make people feel things. Once in school, I initially hated reading, but once someone gave me a book I liked I couldn’t stop. So really, ever since I can remember, I knew I wanted to be a writer.

4. Do you have a specific writing schedule or do you just write at any time?

Any time. Soooo random. I can go months without writing, and then just start and not be able to stop for another few months. Other times, I’ll have short little bursts. I find that for me, it’s best if I just wait for the spark or inspiration. Once I’m on a roll, or on a deadline, that’s when I push myself and sometimes that’s when some really magical stuff happens, but if I just pushed myself all the time I have a feeling it’d be pretty awful, forced and lifeless. I really try to emotionally write.

5. What inspires you? Does life itself inspire you? Do ideas just come to you? What about searching online for ideas?

Well, while I was writing “Fays,” I kept saying that the fairies within me were writing it, and I still kind of believe that. I’m a huge believer of Collective Consciousness and think that we can tap into eternal stories. I kind of believe that every possible story has happened, every possible world or reality has existed, countless dimensions and realities all happening at once, and we can tap into them and tell them. I also view writing as a sort of alchemy. When I was a kid, it was hard for me to emote, so movies and books were magical to me, they could actually make me feel things, so the fact that I can create things that can make people feel things feels like magic to me.

6. Has your work every made you laugh? Smile? Cry?

All of those things! Especially when I read over them a year later after coming out as a trans woman. “Fays” allowed me to speak as a woman through Stella, the narrator, before I could even speak for myself as Erin. And wow, “Fays” is so emotional, I felt trapped in an abusive relationship and I was hiding myself every day, all of my emotions found their way into that book, for me, it’s an emotional powerhouse!

7. Do you have a number one supporter, or even multiple supporters!?

My ex was a pretty big supporter, so even though she wasn’t perfect and there was some other stuff going on with us, that aspect really helped motivate me to finish the book. And now, well, I feel blessed by the support I have on twitter. The writing community has kept me writing and being pro-active even though that past couple of years have been brutal and there have been quite a few times when I thought about just giving up.

8. Do you have any advice for someone who may be feeling negatively towards their work? Perhaps they feel it’s not good enough or are struggling to find ideas and motivation. What would you say to them?

Just indulge in all the fiction that you love. Write notes if you need to, but mostly, just focus on what it is technically that you like: the non-linear story, the humor, the tragedy, the satire, the timing, the world building, anything that appeals to you, and then just try to employ those elements into your work, mix and match have fun, and tell your story how you want. After that, at least you will know it’s something you love.

9. Before we wrap up, how about a fun question! Do you enjoy editing!?

Hahaha. “Sometimes,” is my answer to that. But lately, after three years of editing a work that took ten years to write, I’m getting a little tired of it.

10. Okay, now for the real stuff, post the links to your work and your socials!


Twitter: emalcom508

Instagram: erinaetheria_

Thank you for taking part in this interview!

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